AUTO Camilla 606C

REG.# LFF 20888375

Lim-Flex (50) Cow   Homo Polled/Homo Black    AUTO606C  3-19-15


• Division Winner - Southeast Classic
• Reserve Division Winner - Illinois State Fair Open Show
• Class Winner - Louisville Jr Show
• Class Winner - Louisville Open Show
• Division 5 Champion - Louisville Open Show
• Grand Champion - Louisville Open Show
Thank You to judge Cody Sankey!

Camilla's dam is AUTO Luckie Too a past National Junior Show Champion for Cody Heavin. Camilla is an exceptionally sound, easy doing female that we have thoroughly enjoyed showing throughout 2016. 

Camilla and Jordan in the champion drive at Louisville    

Auto Brinn 478B

Lim-Flex (75) cow   AUTO478B  LFF2074314  11-7-14
CJSL Windfall 9072W x MAGS Hannah 9726W

• Class Winner - Eastern Regional - South East Classic
• Division Champ - Illinois State Fair Jr and Open Show

• Brinn is big boned, big middled, sound moving, beautiful female.  Plans for her include the donor pen someday.

HPF Miss Pep A316

Yardley High Regard x WW Miss Pepe 58N


• Purebred simmental female with a strong pedigree that was a very nice show heifer for granddaughter Laurel.
Pep will provide a solid foundation for our growing Simmental influenced cattle.

Legacy's April

DOB: 4-14-13 | REG.# LFF2045197
DF Rapture x Legacy's Nonchalant  Lim-flex

• April is very sound and ultra feminine.
• 2014 Grand Champion Illinois State Fair

EF Across Town 934A

DOB: 2-15-13 | REG.# NPF2033701
MAGS Xyloid x EF Shadow Dancer 209N

• "Shadow" is a soggy, sound female that should produce well with her champion filled pedigree.


DOB: 2-14-11 | TATTOO: LNTS 542Y | REG.# NPF1989581
EXLR New Generation 071M X EXLR Rebecca 004U

• Flushed 2013 to CJSL Windfall and Stockman 365

• 2012 Louisville
- Limousin Junior Heifer Show


DOB: 10-6-11 | TATTOO: LGCY101X | REG.# LFF1980374
DF Rapture x Wulf's Mae

• 2012 Louisville - Limousin Junior Heifer Show

Yena has a superb maternal line for her pedigree.  She was a super show heifer for granddaughter Laurel.  In production she has a great udder and keeps her condition.  Full sib to Legacy's Xla.

Legacy's XLA

DOB: 11-2-10 | REG.# LFF1980374 | POLLED LIMFLEX
DF Rapture x Wulf's Mae


• 2011 NAILE Res Grand Champion - Limousin Junior Show
• 2011 Res Champion
- Illinois State Fair Junior Show
• Div Winner - Illinois State Fair Open Show
• Res Champion Over All Breds - Macoupin Co. Fair
• Res Champion - Illinois Limousin Field Day

Xla was a rock solid show heifer for grandson Dominic. The family thoroughly enjoyed the show ring time with Xla. She has a picture perfect udder in production. She will be a donor someday.








Xla in production -Cow/calf pair -World Beef Expo 2013


DOB: 10-6-09  | TATTOO: LGCY 16W | REG.# NPF1954455 
Sire: MAGS Starbucks
Dam: NBLF Maiden 185L (Wulf's Guardian)

  Example of what Watch Me can produce. Her first son.

• Class Winner:
National Junior Heifer Show - Kansas
• Division Champion:
Eastern Regional Junior Show, NAILE Junior Show, NAILE Open Show
• Res Division Champion: All American Futurity, Southeast Summer Classic, Illinois State Fair, American Royal
• Champion Land of Lincoln Heifer:
Illinois State Fair
• Grand Champion:
Illinois State Fair Junior Show

Number 3 Female in the National MOE standings for the Limousin breed

• Champion Limousin Heifer:
Jerseyville County Fair
• Champion AOB Heifer: Bond County Fair
• Res Land of Lincoln Champion:
Illinois State Fair
• Junior Show Division Winner: Illinois State Fair


DOB: 4-5-08  | TATTOO: KMYK 42U | REG.# NPF- 1910365 
Sire: MAGS Starbucks
Dam: Legacy's Stella

Flushed in 2013 to Black Dakota and Stockman 365
- 30 No 1 embryos

2009 Res. Champion Ky. Beef Expo

• Res Champion Bred and Owned Jr Show - Heartland Regional 2009
• Res Division - Heartland Junior Regional Show
• Res Champion - Illinois State Fair Junior Show
• 2009 Champion Land of Lincoln - Illinois State Fair Junior Show

2009 Class Winner:
Eastern Regional Junior Show
2009 Jr National's - Amarillo, Texas
2009 NAILE Junior Show and Open Show
2009 Grand Champion - World Beef Expo 2009

Uniqua is the kind of cow you are drawn to when looking over the herd. She is just the right frame score with the kind of fleshing ability all donors should have. Her nice udder and easy disposition are an added bonus.


Sire: Wulf's Pathfinder 1722P 
Dam: Legacy's Necessity

Legacy's Smoochie is the first daughter from Legacy's Necessity who's granddam is Mine Polled Cold Wench. Wench progeny are easy doing with lots of middle and high docility. Smoochie is doing a great job in the herd and has a really nice udder.

• Reserve Grand Land of Lincoln -
Illinois State Fair 2007
• Reserve Grand Heifer State Fair
• Jr Show Champion Land of Lincoln -

  for grandson Drew DeClerck
• Reserve Division Winner -
Heartland Regional Jr. Show
• Reserve Division Winner -
Illinois Field Day

Heartland Regional Junior Show Spencer, IA Grandson Drew DeClerck at the halter